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Thread: The Official Poker Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jono
    which is absolutely the best way to learn the game, play for free and learn as you go.

    Any questions or hands you want to ask me about floody or anyone else just ask in here
    Cheers dude.

    Reckon I've got the right hang of this poker lark.

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    Playing the free tables at Pokerstars last night. Managed to build myself up a decent stack, a few people at the table but most had little chips apart from this one bloke who had a similar stack to myself, basically ended up as a heads up game between the two of us, it was very enjoyable, a good ol' fashioned poker showdown!

    Anyway, I get Aces on the button and he obviously fancies what he's got and tries to raise me substantially, at which point I decide to call his bluff and go all in, which he calls. To be fair to him, he wasn't bluffing and has himself pocket Kings but I'm sure he felt sick when he was shown my Aces.

    And then a beautiful thing happened. What was the flop I hear you cry? Answer being Ace, Ace, Queen. Four of a kind on the flop

    Beautiful. Cleaned up.

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    Speaking of which, I know last year a little game between a few of the forum lads never quite came off, but I reckon it would be a good craic if we could drum up some interest?

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    Yea I'm up for another one.

    Me and a couple mates tried to get on a WilliamHill tournament on sunday, set up by . However something went wrong with their "server" and we couldn't get on which was pretty annoying.

    So I used the money I deposited for the tournament to play some of this quick play double-up tournaments. Won one, got a bit ahead of myself and lost the rest of the deposit in other tourny's

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    Another Pokerstars one would be a right laugh though

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