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Thread: Formula one championship edition

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    Formula one championship edition

    has anyone got this game on ps3 i got it yesterday and am wondering how long will it take 2 get in a big name car like McClaren or ferrari. i have only won the united states grand prix but am 7th with 10pts

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    lol i got it the day b4 u billy but i got my ps 3 the same day so are still getting used ot it and havent started a career yet just doing quick races, very gd game i think wat other games have u got billy.

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    kool hope you enjoy it

    games i have got are : fight night round 3 , formula one championship edition , virtua tennis 3 , world snooker championship 2007, NFL 07 , Soider man 3 , NBA 2K7 and NBA homecourt

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    i got resistance, f1, ninja gaiden, and motor storm

    motor storm is a great game.

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    kool i was going to get it but then decidd not to lol

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    i am in my second season and signed for panasonic toyota and have come first in all my grand prix

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