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Thread: Avatars

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    Just avatar sized, but bigger than i have it at the moment.

    But I need to know how to do it for myself, so I don't have to pester other people do it

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    Ok here are your pics in order from largest to smallest:

    Last one is your current avatar. And no probs with the resizing

    If you want to do it yourself just go to and search for image editing tools. There are some free ones there that let you do basic resizing. I use photoshop though.

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    can someone sort out a link for this avatar for me? it never works when i try.

    dont know which link you need so il give you a couple. thanks.

    EDIT: $hitting hell, i did it myself! any way of getting it bigger though?

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    I can resize it Tom, but Owen's face will be all blury and it won't look too good.

    If you can get me a bigger version of the one you have or a differnt one I can resize it for your avatar

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    nice one bud. here ya go:-

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    try that, if it's too big tell me.

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    perfectamundo pal

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