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Thread: Avatars

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    How do i make an avatar. Theres some great posters with great avatars and i deserve one.

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    Not at the moment but if someone tells me if and how it is possible i will start the process of finding one.

    Thank you.

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    How about a pic of Mel Gibson as Mad Max?!

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    Perhaps. But how do I make this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    Perhaps. But how do I make this happen?
    I'm sure our resident geek Steely Hill could make it happen, he loves to hang out with the IT crowd.

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    How about that one..........Mel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings View Post
    How about that one..........Mel?
    I was thinking something more festive spirited but it is a good picture. One of the best to be honest.

    Thank you!

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