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    Football Bibbs


    i have just started coaching an under 9's football team and with the subs im collecting i'm buying some equipment for them.

    Does anybody know where i can get some bibbs for them because the ones i have found are a bit exspensive


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    I would suggest fundraising for equipment, use the subs for pitch/training fees and referees.

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    Look up the Football Foundation and google for football grants. You'd be surprised just what's available funding wise if you look.

    I'd also suggest contacting your local pro clubs for either some new kit for the kids or donations (signed shirts, balls etc) that you can raffle/auction.

    Have you done any coaching courses? First Aid? Child Protection? Have you had a police check done?

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    if you contact the
    tell them your a new team, and there throw stuff at you, prob get new kit, training equipment balls etc!!
    at grass roots level, there be happy to help out, if you have qualified coach to go through, it will be better!!

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