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Thread: Member of the Month

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    This will be the last member of the month this year as in December we have our end of year forum awards.

    The candidates I have selected for the poll this time are Redpelt,Steely Hill,Specnur,Pickleman,Seamus and Eaman.

    Please do take a moment to vote.

    I have decided to go for Redpelt this time.

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    gone for Redpelt ...good posts this month I thought .

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    Redpelt has taken an early 3-1 lead against last months winner Pickleman.

    Any more votes?

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    Its now Redpelt 4-2 Pickleman - Any more votes? - Please do take a moment this weekend to have your say.

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    I don't think we will get any more votes now so congrats to Redpelt for winning November member of the month!

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    congratulations to Redpelt .....

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    A hearty thanks to all those who elected me the November member of the
    month ,and I promise to carry this prestigious title with the humility and
    dignity it duly deserves..... I would like to end by echoing what our October
    winner had to say about the quality of discussion in this particular forum.

    In terms of overall calibre,sometimes less is more.

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    A deserved winner - well done!.

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