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Thread: Arsenal Rumours/Team News

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    Quote Originally Posted by pt89
    senderos was in top form on season 05/06 but now hes crap.hes worse than kaboul
    but maybe nordtveit will take a chance
    Good call again. Nordtveit has all the qualities, just needs to make the step up to the big boys. Hoped he would play some part in the Carling Cup this year. Maybe he's not just there yet.

    Surprised Matt Connolly left. He looked promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Axe
    I agree with you on that. Senderos should go as well - he's disgracing the no.6 shirt.
    And the Captain armband.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pt89
    senderos was in top form on season 05/06 but now hes crap.hes worse than kaboul
    but maybe nordtveit will take a chance
    Nordtveit is the future.

    I wish Wenger would make a loan deal for a quality CB for the rest of this year. It's what we need the most.

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    Lehmann To Dortmund A Done Deal Reports from Germany claim that the transfer of goalkeeper Jens Lehmann from Arsenal to Dortmund is a done deal.

    Bild' are reporting that 38 year old Lehmann has given the Bundesliga a positive response to their contract offer.

    "All things between us and Lehmann have now been agreed and we are in constant contact" revealed Dortmund manager Michael Zorc to Bild.

    A return to the Bundesliga is just dependent on his signature on the contract.

    A few small details and formalities have to be completed.

    "They have nothing to do with BVB, we are all in financial agreement" Zorc added.

    The move will end Lehmann's spell as second-choice keeper at Arsenal after he lost his place to Manuel Almunia.

    Lehmann is not even part of the squad for Arsenal's League Cup semi-final first-leg tie with London rivals Tottenham tonight.

    Reports earlier in the week suggested that sections of the Dortmund fans were unhappy about the signing, but the BVB bosses appear to have got their man.

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    He's a much improved Keeper since Dortmund last had him. They should be happy if the deal goes through.

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    ben arfa would be a great signing...but it seems more likely this dmitrov character will be the left winger we sign. diarra cant go. period. would be extroardinarily dumb to allow him to leave he just needs to quit bitching and take a step out of flaminis book.

    a new center half to replace senderos would be ideal...he and djourou both looked awful today, id rather see gilberto paired with gallas then eithe rof them. unexpected positive= hoyte looks good

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    Hoyte was good and always has been good.

    He plays with great maturity and I'm sure will develop into a really great Defender. He didn't look out of place at CB tonight either, just one stupid error with dribbling the ball into Spurs danger area. Other than that he was sound. Positionally, technically and physically better than the other two.

    He provides good backup to Sagna now.

    Eboué has moved into Midfield but has gone down a slippery slope and for me Hoyte is more dependable backup to Sagna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Axe
    Surprised Matt Connolly left. He looked promising.
    I thought he was highly rated by Arsenal.Captain of the reserves wasn't he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    Quote Originally Posted by J-Axe
    We need a Defender, not a Midfielder.

    An extra Striker wouldn't be a bad idea, particularly that young African that Wenger is looking at.
    David Banda?

    Only just spotted this!

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    No go on the Modric rumor.

    Modric Disappointed About Tranfer Embargo Luka Modric has expressed his dismay and disappointment after being refused a transfer in the January transfer window by Dinamo Zagreb and now says he will leave in the summer.

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