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Thread: Spurs Rumours

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    Spurs Rumours

    As one bid after another fall through is this one going the same way? .... Are we getting desperate yet?

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    i think they are desperate .. mayb they are just trying to wrap up any deal in hope they can turn their season around ?

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    another rumour ...

    also read we had an offer for an Arsenal player turned down .... how would that go down with the fans if we had brought in a Arsenal player i wonder ?

    desperate times i guess mean desperate messures ?

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    Probably Diarra, would go down fine if they became a star for us.

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    Diarra is an excellent player would be a good sigining for Spurs...

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    Diarra would bring stability I think.

    Bound him, gag him, through him in the all whites. F*ck the transfer, get dirty on these gooners.

    Soar Liverbird Soar

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    Nah, Id put money on Diarra leaving englad (probably in the summer) Hes had two bad jobs with London teams... he thinks moving a lil bit east is gunna help him?

    Stickin to it, we will lose one striker by the end of this transfer window.... if its not Berbs we will be lucky

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    Emanuelson- fee agreed- left back from Ajax- but they have a player called Maduro as well and dont want to allow both to leave in the window.

    We may get Emanuelson but that will mean Maduro has to stay. Maduro is worth more and they would prefer to cash in on him and let Emmanuelsons value go up in the meantime- We shall see!

    Jarque- Centre back- we offered 10m Euros- they want 10m

    still talking!

    Quaresma has been in the offing for the last 6 months!

    We wont pay what they want and he would prefer to go to Chelsea!

    still possible though

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    i think they are starting to get desperate, but no-one wants to play for them because of how bad their seasons going.

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    Maduro owned for me in a DM positon for my west brom team a couple of years ago im Champo manager ... mind u how often do you see West brom winning the champions league

    Quaresma would be immense!

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