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Thread: Latest Recommended Movies or DVDs ~ All Genres XD

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    Latest Recommended Movies or DVDs ~ All Genres XD

    i've lately been watching a lot of movies ~ something like three or four movies per day ~ before my long holidays end ~ lol

    anyway ~ i'd like to consider to have some good recommendation from any which you watch too ~ haha

    recommended movies

    recommended dvd

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    Flips, your 'The Hitcher' recommendation there, is that the original with Rutger Hauer or the remake with Sean 'Sharp' Bean?

    I saw a trailer for National Treasure at the weekend, and it looks okay.
    Went to see 'P.S. I Love You' (the missus's choice, honest) and take heed people: do not, I repeat DO NOT go to see this movie.
    It was the biggest pile of garbage I have ever had the misfortune to sit through - even the missus agreed, she read (& enjoyed) the book but the Film has been totally Americanised.

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    the hitcher i saw was starring sean bean ~ i can't remember when i'd ever seen him in another movie ~ looked so familiar ~ haha [wait ~ i google first ]
    [back -> flightplane along with jodie foster ~ no wonder XD]
    i dunno the original one ~ was it old enough?

    national treasure sequel is awesome ~ but i think the first one's better ~ with sean bean too =P

    haha ~ i know 'ps.i love you' ~ the book's written by the daughter of irish prime minister ~ wasn't it?
    i didn't read the book till the end though ~ it's too thick and i give up in the middle ~ lol

    if your missus likes reading ~ try 'the nanny diaries' ~ it's been filmed too ~ starring beautiful scarlett johansson and gorgeous chris evans [hope -dave- won't fight this one ~ because he's gorgeous indeed ~ bleh]
    and the story's really really nice and touching ~ don't forget to provide tissue paper for missus ^^

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    Looking good there Miss Linney.

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    I make one ugly midget...

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    I went to see 'The Golden Compass' the other day after reading the Phillip Pullman book it is based on (Northern Lights) and quite unusual from a book to film perspective, i thought it was very good indeed. It featured many child actors, who were very talented indeed in their roles, and Nicole Kidman was superb. It stuck well to the book in the script and the special effects were great.

    I would say 8.5/10 and well worth the watch although you may want to read the book first to gain a better perspective on the story.

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    I've heard great reports about that film , I'm dying to see it but haven't got round to it yet. Knowing me I'll probably wait for the dvd

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    That's what i usually do

    Costs 7 to go to the cinema these days.

    Scandalous it is!

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