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Thread: Latest Recommended Movies or DVDs ~ All Genres XD

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    The Hitcher (Bean) was pants. That many twists or turns I didn't know if I was watching a movie or in a car crash!

    Recently watch 'I Am Legend'. Decent enough. Wasn't happy with the ending though.

    I'm not a huge fan of Jackass, but me ma got me the 2nd movie for Christmas and I actually enjoyed it. Some sick bits in it but there's also some crackers there.

    I recommend to try and get your hands on 'Chewing the Fat'. It's a BBC comedy, more like the Scottish version of Little Brittan. Hillarious. Me ma also got me this for Christmas and I thought she was winding me up. Eventually sat down to watch it and can't get enough now!

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    That was on the BBC a couple of years back. Quite funny as i remember.

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    Alien V Predator 2 was allright. I felt that the violence was upped more in this one though. Overall I would say just "watch" it but don't go see it in theaters.

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    you 'ruin' my beautiful film cover ~ lol

    Quote Originally Posted by floody
    Costs £7 to go to the cinema these days.
    omigod ~ that's unbeliavably expensive *shock*
    it's only like £1 for weekdays and £1.5 for weekends over here
    and if you have certain credit cards ~ you even just pay one for two tickets on wednesday and weekends

    ps the golden compass and alien v predator are both showing in cinemas too XD

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    Not sure how many pounds this is, probably about 11 but to go to a decent cinema and see a movie its like $20 austrlaian + food and drinks etc. Gold class tickets are around $40 AUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by floody
    Costs £7 to go to the cinema these days.
    And the rest mate!

    After paying for the tickets, I always get a hot dog (lots of ketchup & mustard, it annoys me when they do it for you, so I always ask to do my own and pile on the sauce), a large popcorn (to share with the missus) either a bag of revels or pick n' mix (to share) a diet coke (to counter act the hot dog & sweets to keep me fit n' trim ) and a bottle of water for the missus.

    Costs an absolute bomb, but I enjoy it!

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    My god Sparky , do you have time to see the film after eating your way through that lot

    Flipper I'm coming over to visit you , way to expensive over here to see anything

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    @aussie liverpool fan

    here's the comparison of my country currency to aus$ and uk£
    aus $1 = +/- rp 7,000
    uk £1 = +/- rp 17,000
    maybe it's like around aus $2.5 for me over here for movies ~ lol

    haha ~ you do eat a lot ~ mate
    if you buy things at the movies counter ~ the prices are usually double ~ and there's a rule saying we can't bring anything from outside ~ so we alway smuggle things into the backpack XD

    it will surely cost you more to visit me than me to pay for your tickets for a year =P

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    I watched 'The Kingdom' recently.

    I can't stand Jamie Foxxxx, but it was a good film and he did a decent job. Jennifer Garner is good in it as well. About suicide bombing in 'The Kingdom' and this team of yanks go over to investigate the incident to find out what was used and link it to who planned it.

    Worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

    Also '3:10 to Yuma' is a great film, which wasn't long out there. 'The Fountain' is a good watch as well. Better off checking out and looking up the films for ratings, reviews, cast info and plotlines - pretty useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smithy
    My god Sparky , do you have time to see the film after eating your way through that lot

    Its part of my cinema-going ritual now, if I don't get all those nibbles I go cold turkey.

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