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Thread: Goal Line Technology for '06 WC?

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    Goal Line Technology for '06 WC?

    Goal-line technology will be used in next year's World Cup finals if an experiment later this month proves successful, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Thursday.

    Four stadiums are being fitted out with adidas' 'smartball' technology for the FIFA Under-17 world championships in Peru which will see the referee sent a signal every time the ball goes out of play or into the goal.

    Blatter told a media briefing in London: 'We will definitely use the technology in Germany next year if the experiment works in Peru.

    'We will make a decision at a meeting in Zurich in October.'

    The tournament in Peru will see 32 matches played with the smartball system where the ball contains a microchip which sends a signal whenever it passes over sensors in the touchline.

    The referee is alerted by a device worn on his wrist and should then be in a position to make the correct decision.

    Well, comments are welcomed.........

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    Yeah i heard that on the news this morning - I wait eagerly for the results of the use!

    I still think its a good idea!

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    My brother told me about this last night.

    Its a good idea to test it at the U17 tournament.

    It should be a good thing.

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    Yea good news, about time they sorted this part of the game out.

    How will it work for tight decisions is my question tho. How can the ball tell if the WHOLE of it is over the WHOLE line? It would need sensors/chips all over the ball.

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    Goal Line Technology

    Big Jono, have a look at our web site () and see if this helps explain things. We are currently working on our own version of the chip inside the ball. If it works, it should be cheaper than the adidas invention and also be portable. It can therefore be applied to all levels of the game from schools up to the World Cup Finals. It's got to happen; with the speed of the modern game officials need all the help they can get without interupting the flow of the game with video replays, or refs in the stand.
    We are monitoring the U17s experiment in Peru as we expect to put our version before FIFA when they are considering the adidas one.

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    Had a look, interesting, good luck to you.

    The only technology you need to see this one however is a pair of eyes!

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