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Thread: Tennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impresario
    where can i find someone who knows really well tennis players. I bett on tennis butt i am not expert on tennis
    I bet mainly on tennis and I am participating in tennis betting games, I was number 1 for 1 year from more than 200 people so you can ask me anything you want.

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    No Ronaldinho,

    it wasn't a joke. It was simply 1 lost bet. Nobody said that it was banker, it was only good bet. Good within the meaning of value in odds. But it's regular that even good bets go down. Generaly it's not important if 1 bet will be winner. Betting is long way run. If you'll conclude 1000 such a good bets, you'll be definitellz winner even if hundreds of them will lose. Get me?

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    Had a bet on Venus/Nadal at 4.8's. Looking certain. Also had Venus 2-1 which went down.

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    ROGER FEDERER to win Wimbledon at 15/2.

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    Wimbledon Final. Sunday 7th July 2013. 13:00.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC to win at 8/13

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