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Thread: What TV show do you recommend at the moment?

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    catch up for me
    and a big catch up at that
    effng brilliant

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    Anyone else watching This Is Us? It's a bit of a chick thing because every episode seems to induce a cry fest with the missus but it is very good.

    Also, I'm still hanging in with The Affair. It's morphed on to something completely different from the early days of Noah cheating on his wife and I'd go as far to say it's gone a bit darker but it's still worth the one hour investment a week.

    On the horizon, Curb Your Enthusiasm is getting closer. That's pretty, pretty, pretty good news..

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    I'll have to check those.

    I'm still waiting for the Walking Dead to start again and the duchess wants to catch up with the news season of Grimm.

    I also need to bring myself up to date with The Blacklist so lots of catching up to do....

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    Of the last few series I've watched over the last few months I'd say the best of the bunch, in no particular order are;

    The OA.
    The Night Of
    This Is Us
    The Affair
    The Crown

    I did watch Stranger Things but thought it got very daft towards the end, too many plot holes for a cynical old man like myself to indulge in. I also though Blacklist got very samey too quickly so dropped it.

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    Have come across a Sci Fi series called The Expanse which I'm really enjoying.

    It reminds me very much of the recent reboot of Battle star Galactica that was also brilliant.

    Also really loving the 4th series of Vikings at the moment which i highly recommend.

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    I tried the Expanse, didn't like it that much but I think I've had enough of average Sci Fi.

    The Affair has finished. The last two episodes were a complete joke and the fact that I now hear that they've renewed for a fourth season is a bit of a shock as it's just simply petered out into nothing. That last episode with Noah in Paris was on a par with Lost when the writers made it up as they went along.

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    Into the Badlands.
    Loving all the martial arts type action.

    Finished 4th series of Vikings and it was excellent!

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    still loving Into the Badlands.

    The Widow could take me hostage any time!

    Going to start watching Better Call Saul soon and Marco Polo.

    Have been watching the new series of Prison Break and 24 which aren't too bad.

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    I highly recommend 'The Young Pope' on Sky Atlantic.

    Jude Law plays the first American Pope in the Vatican.

    I don't watch many TV shows, but really enjoyed that,

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