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Thread: What TV show do you recommend at the moment?

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    What TV show do you recommend at the moment?

    I noticed that we have various topics for recommending
    what song/movie or DVD we should be watching but nothing for TV.

    So if theres a show on the box that you think we should all be staying in for please let us know here!

    It could be any kind of genre from a comedy to a reality show - What ever floats your boat

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    i aint been whatching any since Lost ended

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    I agree, nothing to watch now since Lost finished. Even if it was the most complex thing ever shown on tv.

    Michael Mcintyre's comedy roadshow has started again recently, I think we're about 3 shows in so far. That's always good for a laugh.

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    rubbish many good shows on TV depends on what you like ...for me it would be

    True Blood
    Vampire Diaries
    Town Called Eureka
    Ghost Whisperer

    thank goodness for V + .....

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    Tom_Nufc, i remember that i started watching Survivors

    but unfortunately they suddently took a long break just in the middle of a season, so i lost my interest afterwards...

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    I'd recommend everyone watch The Wire, you'll never watch TV the same way again.

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    Yeah currently watching the 5th series, really makes you see everything in a different light

    The Soprano's is also a given for everyone to watch

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    A new series of The Apprentice starts tonight at 9pm.

    Something decent to watch on TV for a change!

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    holland have a new program again..
    its called "the voice of holland" and im sure very soon it will be very famous all over the world.. but then like "the voice of brittain. or america"

    the program is like idols or popstars.. but then soooo different.
    its now just about the voice.. the jury dont know how you look like in the begin.
    its all about the voice!
    if the jury thinks the singer is a very good singer.. then they should push on the button.
    after the song the singer can choose witch coach he/she wants.
    if nobody pushed the button.. then the singer is out!
    im sorry for the bad explaining..
    here a video so you can see... its sooo much fun!

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    Sounds like Swedens "Idol". I am usually just following the latter parts of it.. not really interested right now. I will have to pick my favourite later.. last year I really liked a guy who sang Black Hole Sun (by Soundgarden). Mostly because he had the same music taste as me.. haha. Really good, anyway. Didn't make it further.. though. :-

    Well.. Scrubs must be the best thing ever created. Gotta start following How I Met your Mother again, too.. Almost nearly as good!

    Scrubs.. the best!

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