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Thread: Recent forum section changes

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    Recent forum section changes

    Hi guys

    You may have noticed some recent forum section changes.

    I have decided after much thought to close The following as they no longer warrant their own areas on here.

    The SPL and Irish sections are no more and have been merged into a brand new section called Scottish/Irish/Welsh football.

    The Australian,MLS and Brazilian sections have also been closed but you can still find a topic for each one in The Other Leagues

    That should be it for the time being however I'll keep you all informed if anything else changes in the future.

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    it seems like there were more members here once upon a time

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    Well done, let's clean it up a little bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Almeida
    it seems like there were more members here once upon a time
    yes true ...we had one member called Agent Smith ..a woman who almost single handedly helped the Womans Football section grow into one of the most visited sections on the forum ...without going into details a male member offended her a few years ago and in the end she left ..along with many other members (mainly female) ...and as you can see now ...a dead womans football section was the result ...a real shame but it happens sometimes .

    That is why our priority is to keep the forum as friendly and clean as possible ..while also allowing members the freedom to say what they want ..within reason of course..

    We do like to give members every opportunity to help sections grow and create new sections if asked ..but of course if they are not being visted much it becomes a bit pointless to keep running and makes the forum look untidy .

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