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Thread: Hi, Im World Class :P

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    Hi, Im World Class :P

    Not sure where I should put this, but I feel proud to reach the World Class status and feel like showing it off a bit and getting 'hopefully' congradulated I really love this forum and spend a lot of time and learnt a lot here. Thx again to all the admins, mods and members~ really enjoyable place to be, I lub j00 4ll ,

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    Congratulations Learning, but you'll never catch me, even at my 3-4 post a day rate ,

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    Locked and banned.

    Only joking mate! - Congrats on reaching your new status!

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    unneccessary threads and meaningless posts will result in a warning and possible ban ...let this be a warning to you .

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    flipping heck conner

    Well played Learning. But you could have mentioned this in the Lounge or something dude

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    man... my congratulations!.. it took you 1,5 year to traverse this pass... thanx for you loyalty, man ,

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    Congratulations Learning on your new status! I really hope that next year I will take it, too (last two weeks I write averagely 10 posts per day, but in my profile you can see 4). :P

    I really love this forum
    I love this, too!

    I wish you the next 5 thousand posts.

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    Whats the lounge? Im sitll such a n00b after 5000 posts! Thx for not banning me then

    To talk a bit like Steely, Im the fastest member to reach 5000 posts ever on this forum. Know that only great men work so fast to reach the heighst. Envy me minions~ Watch out Boris, I'll be breathening down ur neck in no time!

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    What a shame, another Barça supporter getting that status... Where's the maniac ruling this forum?

    j/k Learning. Congrats, and keep up this level!
    Raúl González Over 400 career goals, 3 UCL, 6 La Liga, Top scorer in history of UCL and Spain's national team for a decade, captain of one of the best generations of players in Real Madrid history.

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    Thx Raul Whos the other Barca support with this status? Anyway, all Barca supports are world class! And Real supporters arent, as illustrated on the left here Actually I only rate this status on u Raul I respect my worthy opponent :P

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