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Thread: Call of Duty - Black Ops

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    Call of Duty - Black Ops

    I was wondering if any of you guys had
    bought Call of Duty - Black Ops and whats your view of The game so far?

    It seems to be very popular and has sold over 5 million copies in The US and UK since its release.

    Is it really worth it to buy it now or to wait a while and see if I can get a second hand one in Game?!

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    Well I've had the chance to play it for a few hours and its a bloody good game.

    The success of this game is just crazy. They are making a fortune, an absolute sh!t load of money. It makes the movie industry look cheap.

    A thoroughly entertaining experience.

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    I bought Modern Warfare 2 when it came out, not so much because of the hype but because the first one was great, it was a big let down so I didnt bother with Black Ops

    The online is supposedly quite poor and I didnt like MW2 online much so I'm not spending 50 on a game that takes less than 10 hours to finish

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    I got Black Ops for Xmas and have been very impressed so far!

    Some of the missions involved have been trying to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro
    trying to stop a Soviet Union nuclear weapon from taking off and a massive fight against The NVA in Vietnam.

    Has anybody else been playing this one and what review do you give it?

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    Black Ops 2 is out now!

    Have any of you guys already started playing it?

    I'm buying it on Friday and looking forward.

    I hear that there is one mission in Afghanistan where you need to ride a horse!

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    I got Black Ops 2 for Xmas but was too busy before to start playing but ready to commence operations today!

    Have any of guys already finished it and what sort of review do you give the game?

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