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Thread: Football.Co.Uk Forum Awards 2010 - The Results

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    Where's my award? <g>

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    In the Cabinet at the Emirates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings01
    In the Cabinet at the Emirates.
    Im surprised they could still find the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jono
    Congrats to all, some well deserved winners in there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    congratulations to all winners and those who ran the winners close.

    its been a mixed year for the forum itself but this year has seen some excellent new members join the forum. i hope that this year will see a greater level of debate and discussion to make this place an enjoyable place to visit for a long time to come.
    I would like to second these comments. Many of us (myself included) have been sidetracked by personal arguments and other rubbish the year. Ive put a stop to it for myself and I urge everyone else to aswell.

    Also, we have been left to our own devices here on the forum so if anyone has suggestions or ideas for improvements to the site let us know in the support and improvements section and we as admins will do what we can to help. There are disadvantages to the situation such as no tech support but there is advantages aswell as we have ultimate control as to the direction and running of the site.
    You know what mine is Jono.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jono
    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings01
    In the Cabinet at the Emirates.
    Im surprised they could still find the key.

    Steady now...........

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    This is the first time I've visited this thread, and in fact I don't even know where the 2010 Forum Awards thread is?! So unfortunately, I didn't get to vote.

    Regardless, despite not winning an award this year, I am very proud that I came a close runner up in many of the major categories, so many thanks to those who voted for me

    I'm shocked though because I haven't been around as much as I normally am in the past few weeks so thanks again.

    Congratulations are in order to all the winners!

    I think 2010 brought in some excellent foreign members, such as almeida, ludi and learning. Hopefully 2011 will raise the standard even further.

    Question: why did J-Axe leave the forum? Throw his toys of the pram again?

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    Congrats to the winners, all deserved.

    I never win any of these, you bunch of cants!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conner99 i do see his point ....i`ll change that .
    Must be winning the idiot of the year award conner...

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    omg... i won i won i won!
    wohoooo! i wanna thank everybody who voted on me!


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