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Thread: Steely Hill

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    Steely Hill

    Following our recent end of year forum awards 2010.

    Its with great pleasure that my fellow Admins and I make this special announcement.

    We would like to pay tribute to Steely Hill and thank him for his
    services to this forum by awarding him a special and one off life time achievement award.

    I'm sure it goes without saying that our little community all appreciate the hard
    work and effort he has put into this place since he joined in 2006 to educate and inform us!

    I will finish by saying well done mate and I look forward to reading your posts for many more years to come.
    Even if our beloved West Ham end up in the championship next season!

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    Jesus just how much are we intending to boost one man's already gargantuan ego?!

    Soon his head will be too large to even fit through these forum halls!

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    Anymore recognition or praise and we'll be licking his asshole and tossing him off.

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    Lol~~~!! So is this true or just a joke?

    It would be well deserved and Steely always post with quality, although sometimes with the harshness on some and ego, but I think its normal for great ppl... maybe we can start calling Steely The Special One of this forum

    And also often these awards are given to ppl who are getting old and about to retire But of cos, hope to read Steely for a long time to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayaker
    Anymore recognition or praise and we'll be licking his asshole and tossing him off.
    I think that is already happening in the moderators lounge mate

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    A bit OTT for a forum like? A lifetime achievement award?

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    We're 2 months and 4 days too early for this aren't we?

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    Only Almeida (Steely's pupil) comments and worship is missing

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    This is not an April's fool!

    The way us admins saw it is that if the BBC can give David Beckham
    a life time achievement award then there is no reason why we can't do the same with our forum hero
    and as it was his birthday yesterday also this was an ideal moment to show our appreciation for his 5 years of service.

    This is just a one off tribute and not something that is likely to happen again

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    well there was much dicussion on the subject and we decided that Steely Hill deserved a special award that showed what he has given to this forum over the last five years , not all of us are able to sit down all day using the internet and commit most of our day on this forum .

    Without his constant posting and informative and educational contributions this forum would have been dead and buried years ago , we all were devastated a year or so ago when it looked as though Steely Hill would not be able to use this forum anymore ,,luckily it was just a false rumour and he was able to continue being one of most vital members here .

    The achievements of Steely Hill are to be admired and we should all strive to follow in his footseteps as best we can one has more runners up position in the Member of the Month award .....a record of most votes in the categorys for our end of year awards....i could go on really but suffice to say Steely Hill is a true role model for any new forum member to look up to and think ''

    One day i want to be just like him ....but maybe not bald though .

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