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Thread: Liverpool Transfer Rumours and News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    would Reina going to Man United be better or worse than Torres going to Chelsea?
    No player is bigger than the club...

    I expected Reina to leave a long time ago...surprised he's still with me there's no impact if he joins another team(spanish/german/dutch etc.) but joining Utd does tend to unsettle my nerves a little...

    I don't think Torres going to Chelsea was really a bad thing for us...he looked half the player we've known him to be for the past year and a bit so really he hasn't done much to help us recently...Reina on the other hand...well he has save our butts enough times but for his value...which I'm assuming is 25M plus...I'm sure we can use those funds to pick up another keeper and a couple players as well

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    I'd take 20m for Reina. He is great, but not worth 20m. I'm sure if we offered most of that (14-15m) for Adler or Neuer we'd get them.

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    Ben and other fans what do you think we need to improve on this summer? What positions and what players? What formation would you expect us to play next year, assuming Kenny remains in charge? How do you guys feel about Aquilani ? Do you think he's coming back?

    I expect a 4-3-3 type formation with three central midfielders and then Suarez, Carroll and a winger. One or even two wingers is vital as well as a left back.

    It looks to me as though Juventus don't want to pay 13m for Aquilani in which case we should keep him, there's no way he's worth less than that. I doubt he'd really want to come back after how bemused he was after we shipped him out like we did but he may not have a choice and Kenny might actually integrate him properly into the squad. My only issue is partnering him with Meireles and Lucas - nobody will be able to throw themselves about and put in a crunching tackle.

    If we are to bring Aquilani back that means we need a better tackler in midfield. We then have the DM, Lucas, Aqua, Meireles, Gerrard, Shelvey and Joe Cole (in the attacking role if needed). Even then I don't like the idea of one DM and two attacking midfielders because that leaves us exposed with two full backs venturing forward.

    If we sell Aquilani then that leaves us certainly needing a central midfielder but we can get away with just one. Somebody that can play the holding role or along-side Lucas - they need to be able to tackle still but will also need to be more creative with Aquilani not in the squad.

    Outs: (I expect)
    Konchesky, Jovanovic, Maxi, Poulsen, (Aquilani)

    left back, left winger, central midfielder

    Reina / Jones

    Johnson / Kelly
    Left back / Aurelio / Insua
    Carragher / Skrtel
    Agger / Kyrgiakos

    DM / Lucas
    Meireles / Aquilani
    Gerrard / Shelvey

    / Kuyt
    Suarez / Cole
    Carroll / N'Gog

    Quote Originally Posted by Boris
    I'd take 20m for Reina. He is great, but not worth 20m. I'm sure if we offered most of that (14-15m) for Adler or Neuer we'd get them.
    Not sure we would in today's over inflated market place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris
    I'd take 20m for Reina. He is great, but not worth 20m. I'm sure if we offered most of that (14-15m) for Adler or Neuer we'd get them.
    Both only have contracts until 2012 and I'd say Rene Adler would be available for <20m, especially since he hasn't been world class the last two seasons.

    Manuel Neuer is a different story. He's certainly one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now, some say he's the best.
    I think Bayern Muenchen are desperate to get him. They're still looking for an adequate replacement for Kahn and it looks like they're just waiting for Schalke to let him go. Personally I think his move to Bayern is an open secret, but I definitely can't see him join a different team for less than 20m.

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    Hooray! We have a managing director...

    Well, we promoted Aiyre and Comolli.

    At least now the front office seats seem to be occupied.

    I guess coaching staff is next on the list to be sorted.

    Still need a permanent manager, a possible assistant replacement, and a reserves coach.

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    I hope Clarke stays.

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    The league table based on points per game during Hodgson's time here:

    *CS=Clean sheets, FtS=Failed to Score

    And the league table based on points per game since Kenny's return:

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    Oh yeah, and Pacheco has gone on an emergency loan to Norwich City until the end of the season. A Grant Holt and Dani Pacheco strike partnership is mouthwatering in anyone's book. He should have gone earlier to be honest and this'll do him good. Norwich are 2nd in the Championship so are a good side and to my knowledge play 4-4-2 Diamond which will be perfect for Dani, either at the tip of the diamond or as one of the front two. Hopefully he takes his chances and helps the Canaries win automatic promotion into the Premier League.

    And ishwant, i will talk about the summer in a little while because each game gives us a better glimpse into the future, a better idea of how we will set up next season under Kenny. I tend to agree with you though. Left back is a given, the entire left flank really needs reworking, and we need an extra midfielder in there whether Aquilani comes back or not. We could also improve at centre back where we are over-reliant on Agger, who's injury prone, and we may be in the situation of having to find a new goalkeeper should Reina decide to leave. There's a lot to be done in the summer for sure.

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    Given that rumours are well...simply rumours it surprises me to hear how many player's we're linked with...which I believe is foolish to be made public if in fact any of those rumours are true...

    We're linked with a series of players all of which are publicly named day after day yet there's always minimal talk about other clubs targets. Given our recent resurgence under Kenny, you would think we would want to keep things under wraps to some degree (yes I know I said rumours but constant links to Adam, Jarvis, Young, and Cahill simply do not help the situation as we've already been previously linked with some of these players).

    If I was among the top clubs in the world (the Barca's, Bayern's, Utds, Chelseas etc. etc. etc.) and I know Liverpool are targeting those players who obviously have tons of potential given their age, I would likely rival Liverpool and ARGUABLY steal some of those targets given the club history---> eg. Barca comes in for say would think Barca would be more enticing to Young rather than Liverpool and so he may leave (yes I know its the players preferences as well etc. etc.). It just get's rather frustrating as a fan to hear we're linked with players and then a few days later other teams are chasing the same players...wish we would take the Utd. role as they were chasing Hernandez last yr...that be sign the target ASAP without much mention of it in the media or letting other clubs have a chance (I'm speculating b/c I didn't really hear about Hernandez in the media until Utd. got him....)....

    Just my two cents on the matter....

    What do you guys think?

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    Reports coming out of Arsenal saying that Wegner made a 'massive' bid for Reina in the 25 million region last summer.

    Perhaps that quashes some of the release clause theories or at least it's not the 20 million they're saying.

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