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Thread: Welsh football going down again ?

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    Welsh football going down again ?

    Is it me or since John Toshack has come welsh football is going down hill again !! John ahs lost Savage for us and is playing Robinson and Fletcher instead who play int he Championship for Sunderland and West ham :O

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    I agree!

    They should have got in Speed working with Flynn in my opinion!

    Dont know what anyone else thinks!?

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    Bryan Flynn ? No thank you, he would be terrible crap at Swansea and crap at Wrexham !

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    I meant as a coach assisting the comsumate proffessional Speed!

    No offence!

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    I don't know too much about the Welsh national team but it does seem to have gone downhill since Toschack left. He couldn't do anything about Speed leaving but then Savage leaving aswell that was bad. He's lost his centre mids and I don't know if they're any youngsters coming through. We could be seeing Kavanagh and Quashie very soon...

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    Kavanagh already played for Ireland and Quashie played for Scotland, theres Jerome and Curtis Macdonald coming through, could be intresting.

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