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Thread: Royals Thread 2011/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by floody
    Yeah ours have been renewed, quite reasonably priced this year.
    at 395 they certainly are TBH, I was quite surprised I got one so easely but having said that the guy I spoke to said they were making a few more seats in the disabled sections available next season and the fact that I now have 740 royalty points plus my record dose have a note on it saying I was contacked by the ticket office in December offering me the half season tickets probably worked in my favor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Natt
    Not going to renew just yet but will do later, not depending on the league, preferably Premier League :P
    taking a bit of a risk leaving it as the leaflet I receieved a couple of weeks ago said after 27th April season ticket holders seats will "be released" so I assume by that they mean they will go on general sale should promotion be secured there is certainly going to be a mad scramble for tickets.

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    They must be worried to have started a topic about the giants of this division.

    Are you a member there Floody?

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