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Thread: FA Coaching badges

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    Please do not double post, you have already posted this.

    I personally think it's a nice idea, and hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I have a few questions about the level 2 course. I have had regular participation In football since I was about 8. I have been coaching my uncles team for a few months since I completed the level 1 course. Do you think I should start level 2 soon or get some more coaching experience. Should I go and watch a few experienced coaches for a while? How much of a difference are the level 1 and 2 courses.

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    Well I haven't done level 1 yet but i'm sure it has to be better to get a bit more experience first rather than diving straight in. It may also help to see some other coaching styles of other people and piece together the good bits of different people and make your own new style.

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    When you finished your level 1 did they not give you a recommeded time to start your level 2 ?

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    No they didn't recommend a time to start level 2. They said watch a few experienced coaches for a while and thats about it.

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    If you've been involved in coaching and they didnt give you a time period before starting the level 2 maybe you should contact the FA you completed the coaching course with and ask them if you should start your level 2 now.

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    i took my level 1 course last year and coached an under 12's girls team for a season, seriously was so good and rewarding,i was sad to leave them!!! But get this! Over here you don't need to be qualified, i could have been anyone and they let me coach, for a country so obsessed with sueing people you would have thought they'd be a bit more strict!!!

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    just been on the fa site to find out about the level 1 coaching... What do i need to know before actuslly going on the course, or will i learn everything i need to know there??

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    You learn everything you need to know on the course, you do 20 games over 2 weeks and some theory on different nights.

    You get a game to do and have a practice a week before the assesment.

    You are given a folder with loads of different information in.

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    Is it relatively easy?

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