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Thread: Forum Crash - 8th September

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    Forum Crash - 8th September

    Hi Guys

    I'm afraid there is still nothing to report yet when we might be back online.

    They are as we speak trying to repair one of the forums servers and restore all the lost posts.

    As I said before there is no point in even posting at the moment.

    It may also not be until Monday now until we hear anything.

    Will give you all an update as soon as I have any news to tell you.

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    Hi all,

    So that you are aware of what has happened, we had a server drive fail. The drive contained a number of sites and databases, including the forum.

    The guys worked over the weekend to try and recover the corrupted data off the drive.

    The timing of this is not good, however we are doing all we can to try and restore as much data as possible. There are plans to improve things and the first phase of this was getting the forum onto new servers - which I hope you will agree did help speed things up and improve stability.

    This issue is completely seperate and has unfortunately caused us a lot of pain.

    On a positive note, football and the forum are being moved to a cloud computing environment over meaning everything should be much faster, secure and restorable. With the new cloud will be a major rebuild of I will keep you updated.

    I have also reported the issue we are now seeing with the forum where we cannot see historic posts for each thread. Hopefully this will be resolved at some point tomorrow.

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    FAO - All members.

    I know its not ideal and that our forum is still in a bad way at the moment but it is still possible to post on here.

    Until we are back to normal I will be providing a skeleton service on here and any help or advice if its needed.

    So if anyone wants to make any comments or predictions on this weeks action all sections are open for business.

    As far as I know they are still working behind the scenes to get us back on track and to retrieve all the lost posts.

    As soon as I have any updates to announce either myself or O Dogg will let you all know whats happening so keep the faith.

    We had a similar situation on here during Euro 2008 but recovered and there is no reason why we won't do the same again.

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    Quick update for you all:

    Work continues to migrate all data over to the new cloud environment. Unfortunately this is a bigger job than first anticipated as the data is being migrated off a clustered database.

    The guys in the office are working flat out to manually transfer the data over which is massively time consuming because of the way it has to be done. They are aware of what is wrong on the forum and know what code needs looking at, and as soon as the data has been transferred over the guys will tackle the problem on the forum.

    We appreciate all your support so far and look forward to being able to provide you a faster, more stable forum post migration.

    If anyone has any concerns, feel free to contact me directly.

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    FAO - All members

    An important statement has been made by O Dogg in our announcements section.

    If you have any comments to make please only do so in the link above.

    If anyone spots any errors or bugs that need fixing as always let us know and I'll report them.

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