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Thread: GTA V

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    my ps3 got the old 'Yellow Light of Death' quite some time ago and i am extremely tempted to buy a new one purely for this game alone.

    however i just know Social Services will come calling to save my daughter from the neglect she would undoubtedly face immediately after i left the shop so i have decided to refrain from purchasing this for now.

    I was speaking to someone last night whose college roomate takes a producer type role in various Hollywood films, including this season's big one, Gravity. He said seeing and playing GTAV makes him feel like he's working in the stone-age!

    A testament to the craftsmanship and storytelling of the game. Looks to be living up to the hype and making it worth the wait!

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    After a few issues with hard drives ive finally got playing.
    Its brilliant and well worth the wait although im sure its going to cause some arguments with the missus.

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