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Thread: GTA V

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    Waiting until I have some time off in a couple of weeks, will not be leaving my house then

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    I had to wait another day to start playing GTA 5 as I didn't have enough space on my memory card to download the game!

    I went out the next morning and bought an 8GB storage device and the problem was solved. Still took a good hour to load Disc one though.

    I'm all sorted now and have started to play Franklin's character who re posses cars from people who cant afford to pay for them.

    All seems pretty easy so far however he somehow managed to get in a shoot out with a Mexican gang when he went to take back a mo ped bike

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    I read about that, pretty lame as im going to have to invest in a hard drive now.
    Still hope its worth it as ive heard nothing but good things about this game.

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    I managed to find the old Grove street that was the old base
    for CJ and his gang in GTA San Andreas but I'm sad to report it has been taken over by rival gang The Ballas.

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    I have now played all the 3 main characters in Franklin,Michael and Trevor.

    Franklin is a former minor gang member who wants to wants to make some serious money

    Michael is an ex bank robber now under an FIB witness protection scheme and is married with 2 children.

    Trevor lives in a trailer park out in the country and makes drugs but has some serious anger management problems!

    I'm trying not to reveal any of the missions at this moment so not to spoil things for any of you who haven't started yet

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    That Trevor really is insane but he has become my favourite character out him,Michael and Franklin!

    Have any of you guys been playing this? - I think GTA 5 could go down as the greatest video game ever made.

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    I wanted to buy it, but opted for FIFA 14 and Madden 25 instead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtz
    I wanted to buy it, but opted for FIFA 14 and Madden 25 instead!
    While I'm sure they are both good games you don't know what you're missing by not playing GTA 5!

    I just done the most crazy mission when insane Trevor smoked some bad weed and thought he was being attacked by clowns

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    Have now finished GTA 5 and think it was brilliant but not quite as good as San Andreas.

    Really enjoyed it that there were 3 main protaganists in the game as in Franklin,Michael and Trevor.

    There is a 3 way ending at the end to give you a choice on how you would like to wrap things up.

    I'm deciding now if i should go and play online or not but worried if i do that will spend too much time on there.

    There is still loads of stuff to do in Los Santos when you finish the main story mode and a whole city to explore.

    Have you finished GTA 5 and what did you think about it? - which of the 3 characters did you like the best? Also will you play it online?

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    I have decided to wait to buy GTA 5. I have a week and a half long vacation in November, and I'm not planning on going anywhere, so that could be the perfect time to play and get it out of my system by binge-playing!

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