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Thread: Other Boxing Fights

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    Just watched the replay of the Joshua klitschko fight and was surprised. I thought Joshua would have beaten him early on with his speed and power but then again I'm not really a boxing expert. I was really looking forward to Joshua v wilder and was sure Joshua was going to win but not so sure now. Klitschko was slim and quick and brilliant against Joshua and he was probably the better fighter but it might have just been one of those days for Joshua. Anyway before Joshua fights wilder I hope there's a rematch with klitschko

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    Its been confirmed that Floyd Mayweather Jr will take
    on UFC star Conor McGregor in a light-middleweight boxing contest in Las Vegas on 26 August.
    Floyd is expected to earn 100 m from the fight which will probably be pay per view on BT Sport.

    Are you in favour or against such a contest?

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    Wladamir Klitschko has retired from boxing
    which means ruling out a rematch with Britain's Anthony Joshua.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    surely this wont actually go ahead?
    Any of you guys paying to watch Floyd Mayweather against Connor McGregor on Sat night?

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    So is someone watching this? I only watched about 1 boxing match in my life and don't know anything about the sport but I was thinking of watching this. I hope McGregor gets angry for not being able to land a punch and knocks out Mayweather with a kick or something. But it will probably be boring 12 rounds and Mayweather wins by points.

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    Floyd Mayweather stopped Connor McGregor in the 10th round
    on Saturday night to make it 50 wins and has now announced his retirement.

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