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Thread: Other Boxing Fights

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    Other Boxing Fights

    This topic will be to discuss other boxing fights that don't have their own topic.

    Anybody watch the boxing on Channel 5 last Friday night?

    I was very impressed with the professional debut of Chris Eubank Junior.

    Not too sure about this Tyson Fury who is now the British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion.

    He was knocked down for the first time ever but did recover to beat his Canadian opponent who was forced to retire in round 3

    Any comments?

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    Eubank did look good but it was hard to tell just how good he was considering he was fighting a glorified punchbag. now, i appreciate it was his first professional fight but i'd have thought that getting a better calibre opponent would have helped him learn a bit more.

    it was basically a sparring session. that said, the kid had some quick hand movement and looked far more accomplished than many boxers i've seen after a dozen pro fights. i have no doubt he will become a world champion eventually. it was funny to see his old man getting involved though, he obviously rules with an iron fist, rebelling against that might be his downfall.

    Fury put in another lumbering performance which left a lot to be desired. i want to like him, i really do, but i just look at his demeanour in the ring and he just appears to be a giant oaf overly reliant on leaning his weight onto his opponents to drain their energy.

    his promoter looks a like sweaty speed freak and will have to plot his star man's rise carefully to avoid anyone capable of punching with any sort of athleticism because Fury is more open than a whores legs.

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    If Tyson Fury avoids all the big names then he'll have a decent career,if he does eventually lose the plot and face the big hitters then it's Audley Harrison II in the making

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    I was listening to Talksport the other day and who should come on but none other than Audley Harrison!

    He said that he would be happy to take on Tyson Fury now that he has been eliminated from Strictly come dancing

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    Yeah Harrison was on Ringside a few weeks ago and said he doesn;t want to finish his career on that embarrasing defeat to David Haye,he sai he wants one more go and see where it takes him..

    Fury v Harrison could be interesting if Harrison turns up this time

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    i'd give up on Fury if he stepped into the ring with that prat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floody

    Concerning that he seems to be seriously targeting a Klitschko in three fights though.
    Yeah but to be fair it was their mum he was talking about

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