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Thread: Other Boxing Fights

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    what's all this talk about Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor? what a farce that would be.

    almost certainly two egotistical prats feasting off the publicity the other is generating for them.

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    Well yes. That's the point of professional boxing at the highest level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    Well yes. That's the point of professional boxing at the highest level?

    well no, the point is to actually fight - which those two wont do.

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    I agree that those 2 won't fight.

    One contest that is taking place next week is the heavy weight
    grudge match between David Haye and Tony Bellew
    at the 02 arena in London on 4th March.These 2 really don't like each other!
    The pre fight trash talk has been disgusting which the British boxing board needs to sort out.

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    Bellew defeated Haye on Sat night with a TKO in the 11th round.

    Haye started fight well but when he injured his ankle there was no way back
    and it was only a matter of time until Bellew took over and the towel was thrown in.

    It looks like the end for David Haye now but who will Tony Bellew fight next?
    Tyson Fury would be a good opponent if the ex champion can get his act together.

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    This weekend at Wembley stadium its Anthony Joshua vs Vladimir Klitchko.

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    Epic fight on Sat night between Joshua and Klitchko.
    That was one of the best Heavyweight clashes i have ever seen.

    Anthony Joshua has called on Tyson Fury to be his next opponent.

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    it was a very good fight. surprisingly little holding and both fighters properly going for it.

    the win was massive for Joshua, especially in the manner it came in. we must consider that this was a clearly declined Klitschko far past his efficient best but even still the nature of the victory was significant. at the end of the fifth i thought Joshua looked knackered and when he went down in the 6th i thought Klitschko would jab him to a points win but that storming end to the fight was fantastic and he landed some devastating blows.

    based on that Joshua should have no trouble with Fury provided he stays far back enough to avoid the clinches and Fury's knack of leaning on his opponents.

    delighted for Joshua, he'll have a lot of people in that division worried after that.

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    Just watched the replay of the Joshua klitschko fight and was surprised. I thought Joshua would have beaten him early on with his speed and power but then again I'm not really a boxing expert. I was really looking forward to Joshua v wilder and was sure Joshua was going to win but not so sure now. Klitschko was slim and quick and brilliant against Joshua and he was probably the better fighter but it might have just been one of those days for Joshua. Anyway before Joshua fights wilder I hope there's a rematch with klitschko

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    Its been confirmed that Floyd Mayweather Jr will take
    on UFC star Conor McGregor in a light-middleweight boxing contest in Las Vegas on 26 August.
    Floyd is expected to earn 100 m from the fight which will probably be pay per view on BT Sport.

    Are you in favour or against such a contest?

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