First of all, thank you very much Boris, for teaching me to press CTRL and + to get bigger writing. It will be very helpful.
I posted this in the General Discussions section, but was advised to put it here.

It's not so important now, since Boris was so helpful, but I'll write it anyway, as something to think about.

Also, I hope that this helps other people with the same problem that I had, now that we know that all we need to do is press CTRL and +, to get bigger writing. Thanks again, Boris

I would like to enquire about the size of the writing in this forum.
I find it very small, and rather difficult to read, although I always manage in the end (well, apart from the time when I accidentally called Hams Harris)

I think it's a very good forum in general, and I very much enjoy it, and as long as I'm not banned, I can see myself contributing for many years to come, despite the small writing.

So, if this is possible, I'd love it if the writing could be enlarged. If not, c'est la vie.