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Thread: BBC Sports Personality Of The Year

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    BBC Sports Personality Of The Year


    Mark Cavendish - Cycling

    Darren Clarke - Golf

    Alastair Cook - Cricket

    Luke Donald - Golf

    Mo Farrah - Athletics

    Dai Greene - Athletics

    Amir Khan - Boxing

    Rory Mcllroy - Golf

    Andy Murray - Tennis

    Andrew Strauss - Cricket.

    There are no footballers on the list of candidates this time but the big controversy is the lack of any women!

    Who do you think should win this time?

    Any comments?

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    yeah i think its a bit rubbish that there are no women, especially as they've done quite a lot!! i used to like SPOTY but i've no real interest in it anymore.

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    I forgot to post that cyclist Mark Cavendish won the BBC Sports personality of the year 2011.

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    Bradley Wiggens won the 2012 BBC sports personality of the year with over 30% of the vote.

    I was surprised that Mo Farrah didn't even come in the top 3 as he was just brilliant during the Olympics.

    Any comments?

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    Andy Murray was last night crowned as the BBC's sports personalty of the year following his historic Wimbledon triumph last summer.

    Welsh rugby player Lee Halfpenny was 2nd and Jockey Tony McCoy who has now ridden 4,000 winners came 3.

    The British Lions rugby side won the team award for their series victory against Australia down under.

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    Re: BBC Sports Personality Of The Year

    Lewis Hamilton was this years winner beating golfer Rory Mcllory.

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