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Thread: Pokerkings does talkSPORT Radio - Wenger OUT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings
    Quote Originally Posted by Tipster
    This after he finishes 3rd in the league with that pile of rubbish at his disposal? No wonder they laughed their heads off.
    You make it sound like he was given that 'pile of rubbish' and he had to do his best with it? Forgetting of course, the pile of shite was all put together by Wenger himself, just like all of his teams since 2007/8.

    That season was the year for me that really highlighted Wenger's terrible management and still shows why he should no longer be at Arsenal.

    Sold Henry, didn't buy an adequate replacement.

    The team did well when it didn't matter and crumbled under pressure, giving away what should've been an unassailable lead of 5 points.

    Terrible record in big games, 6 points from 6 big games against Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    Even in the run in, while in contention, we took the lead at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford, and lost both games 2-1.

    In the CL we were leading the tie against Liverpool 3 times, and those leads lasted 3, 17 and 1 minute each.

    Then to make things worse, having got close, Wenger sells off his midfield and decides to replace no-one.

    That was the season any Gooner should've seen we needed a new manager, we are STILL paying the price 5 and a half years later for not making that change.

    History is just repeating itself even today.
    Same old load of bollox ,your in fine form pal!
    Best manager in the leagues history bar none!
    If it were a level playing field after he won that league undeteated ,he would have been just as dominant!

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    Re: Pokerkings does talkSPORT Radio - Wenger OUT!!

    This is just class!
    Poker - you need to share some of your others off your YouTube page now mate.

    Funny though how they reacted to Wenger Out. Hear it day in day out these days - looks as though you were bang on the money.

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    Re: Pokerkings does talkSPORT Radio - Wenger OUT!!

    I am gutted i missed this, great stuff Pokers!

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