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Thread: Aliens: Colonial Marines

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    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Hope it doesn't turn into another Duke Nukem Forever/Chinese Democracy.

    Any "Alien" fans? The latest Alien vs Predator game was unplayable imho.

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    I'm a big fan of the Alien films but I haven't had that much experience of playing Alien related video games. I dabbled with Alien 3 back on the Mega Drive and I had Alien Trilogy on the PS1 but other than that I haven't played any. I remember looking forward to Alien Resurection back in the day when it loked to be a Resident Evil style game. Then it got changed to a 1st person shooter and I lost interest.

    Regarding Colonial Marines I haven't read much about it but it seems to have been in develoopment for a long time. I would hope it isn't going to be a straight shooter as I don't much care for those type of games.

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    I've seen some footage lately and the Alien AI is terrible, which makes it no fun, hopefully it will be improved in the final release.

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