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Thread: The Beautiful Game: The Game

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    The Beautiful Game: The Game

    Would anyone here be interested in playing a free online multiplayer PC game of 'world cup singles/singles/cuppy/worldy/wembley/<insert local name as appropriate>'?

    I ask because i just so happen to have made one! It's very much a 'home-brew' project, made in my own spare time. It's currently pretty simple, graphics and play style are more 'sensible soccer' than FIFA 12, but it would be great if I could get some fellow football fans to play it and offer their feedback.
    Each game can support up to 8 players (including the host), and you can search for any other games to join or host your own.

    More information and the game itself can be found at the website:

    Thanks for your time. Hope to see some of you on the pitch, and also around the forum!


    Ram Steelwood

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    there's a game going on right now for anyone lurking about and interested in giving it a go!

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    Hello again. Just a quick note, we've just released an update to fix a problem with the downloader that was effecting some people. It should be sorted now so if anyone did try to download it and it didn't work, please try again!

    Also, anyone who is interested in playing, I'm trying to arrange for as many as possible to play at 9pm Friday night (24th Feb). Hopefully getting many players together at one time will make it more fun for all and encourage more people to keep playing again and again! Well, I can dream!

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    next scheduled game session is Tuesday from 9pm...all are welcome to join in!
    There's also a steam group (TBGTG) if you're on steam and with that I can let you know when we will be playing in future.

    Of course you can also play the game whenever you want, there just may not be many (any!) other players around at the time!

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