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Thread: The Oscars

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    What shit films?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    Moonlight is the only movie I seen from the nominee's. It was good but a bit too long I feel. I was hoping La la land would win. Which I still haven't seen but I believe it's great.

    I wonder if Trump had something to do with this and people want to give oscars to minorities now.
    I still haven't seen Moonlight.

    La La Land was a really good romance yet only seemed a musical for the first 30 mins. I got a little confused at the ending, but it was good enough.

    Manchester By The Sea was a very well written movie if you like almost gritty stories. He punched a few people, but yet we were supposed to feel for him at what he went through. It'll be boring for most. Deserved best script winner.

    Arrival was a film - like Oscar nominated ones - that was somewhere between entertaining and serious. It wasn't too intelligent, but the ending was hard to grasp the importance of if you didn't understand the significance of what was given.

    Really want to see MOONLIGHT and still haven't seen SPOTLIGHT from last year's Best picture Oscar win.

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    Now Leo tell this to Trump who denies climate change.

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