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Thread: Homeland

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    Re: Homeland

    Im still enjoying Homeland.

    I cant believe what Carrie did to poor Saul at the end of the last episode!

    The poor man wanted to do himself in but she managed to talk him out of it and direct him back into the hands of the Taliban!

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    Re: Homeland

    It looks like the kidnapping of Saul by the Taliban to exchange prisoners with the Americans was all part of a long term game
    so that they could storm the US Embassy! With all the Marines now out of the building trying to get to the attacked convoy its not looking good
    for those who were still inside. What i find silly though is that there is a secret underground tunnel that just about everybody knows about!

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    Re: Homeland

    Really enjoyed last nights edge of the seat episode in which the Taliban managed to get inside the American
    embassy and get their hands on that list of spies which as i posted before was all part of their plans right from the begining.
    It was certainly made very easy for them by the corrupt Pakistani's in Islamabad who have been bending over to help the terrorists.

    I felt sorry for Lockhart who had to decide on if to hand over the file or not to save the life of one of the hostages outside the vault they were locked in.
    He ended up doing so but that barstard Taliban leader still killed her anyway! I hope he gets what is coming to him in the series finale next week!

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    Re: Homeland

    I really thought that Quinn was going to blow up that bomb last night and kill the taliban leader but with the woman he loves Carrie being there he couldnt
    do it and then that Pakistani intelligence officer stopped her from shooting the terrorist dead and he got away but there is still time to get him in next weeks finale!

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    Re: Homeland

    Started watching the 5th series of Homeland on Sunday night.
    Carrie has now left the CIA and is living in Berlin in Germany working for some sort of charity.
    They want to go to Lebanon to help the refugees from Syria but need permission first
    from Hezbollah who run the UN camp and so our hero has to go to see them.
    She also bumped into her old boss Saul and Quinn is still about who blew up a bomb maker!

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    Re: Homeland

    Carrie managed to save the day in the final episode of Homeland by stopping the Jihadists from
    releasing that Sarin gas in the Berlin underground which would have killed thousands of innocent travelers.
    There was a sad ending to the season though with the death of series favourite Quinn who finally
    said he was in love with her all this time in a letter and now our hero has left Germany to return to America.

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    Season 6 of Homeland started last Sunday.
    Carrie is now no longer working for the CIA and is based in NY
    where she has a charity that helps Muslims plus is also trying to
    look after her old friend Quinn who is still in a bad way who i thought
    she had killed as an act of mercy at the end of last series!

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    As always with Homeland, the scenes are set on slow burner. You just know by the fifth instalment it'll all be kicking off. Great programme.

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    yeah this lost me about half way through series 4.

    I was considering giving it another go but after reading the posts above I think i'll give it a swerve

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    Fantastic ending to season 6 of Homeland on Sunday night.
    Peter Quinn really is dead this time after saving the American president
    from being killed in a hail of bullets by driving her to safety.
    Poor Carrie was played at the end by the female US leader who used her
    to get at her enemies in a Joe Stalin type purge with even Saul being arrested!
    Great series and look forward to the next one. Show is still just a great as before.

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