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Thread: The Apprentice

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    Re: The Apprentice

    Haven't seen the 2nd episode yet but just thought I'd mention that contestant Selina Waterman-Smith is very hot!
    She is now denying that she used to be an erotic dancer!

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    Re: The Apprentice

    never lets me down this show.

    just when you think they can't find any more self-important cretins along comes another series jam packed with the f*ckers. i'm starting to suspect there might be actors/plants in this show as the levels of delusion and incompetence is staggering.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    The 2nd task saw the candidates formed into men and women's teams
    with the task being to create a new shampoo brand with a TV advert to go with it
    then try and sell the product to experts from the industry and impress Lord Sugar.
    The men did a really good job but surprisingly the women failed and their team leader was fired.
    That Ruth is a bit odd but i like her and she is very entertaining! No stand out performers just yet.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    I missed the 3rd episode when they had to go to France to buy that list of stuff as cheap as possible
    for Lord Sugar but have caught up with 4th show where they had to sell various cat and dog products at a fair.
    Didn't think that Ruth should have been fired as at least she tried to sell while that Selina tried to hide
    for most of the day and then asked for help when she couldn't work out the price and should have gone in my view.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    I suspect Sugars shadow struggles sharing the same room with him. As for the show its the first episode
    I've watched because the wife wanted to see where they visited in Calais . I have to say the entire collative
    of applicants were striving to hide the fact they possessed more faces than Dr Lao ,and the struggle for the
    American woman to disguise her deep seated loathing for her supposedly entrepreneurial sisters became so
    intense we seen spit bubbles ooze from the corners of her lopsided sneer.

    The lads weren't much better with their bartering and were only less catty than their female adversaries .
    The mirror farce in particular was a complete failure ,I'd say lost in translation ,but even I know a smattering
    more French ,well at least enough to enquire if the woman stocked the fucking mirror before visiting
    the shop.

    Then we have the group sitting in front of Sugar tugging their respective forelocks ready and willing to
    hurl unceremoniously the people they've shared a house with directly under the wheels of the bus.
    This same collative who couldn't purchase 'sea food' in Calais are readying themselves to present their
    case for redemption.

    I'd wager if Sugar would have announced he was about to lob his cock on the table and hit it with
    a lump hammer the collative gathered in front wouldn't have stirred albeit to list their thus far inconspicuous
    attributes,whilst demeaning themselves sufficiently enough that no recruiter would touch them with the
    proverbial barge pole.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    Have kind of given up with this series as there a no stand out winners and really dislike all the candidates,hope none of them become the Apprentice.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    I know i said i had given up with the show but i couldn't resist watching it and we are now down to the final 2 candidates to become the Apprentice.

    We have Vana and her dating app idea or Joseph and his plumbing business. I would go for the plumbing option if i was Lord Sugar as sounds good plan.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    Well done to Joseph for winning this years Apprentice and going into business with Lord Sugar with his plumbing company.Hope he does well.

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    Anyone seen the new series yet?
    Any memorable contestants to look out for?

    I haven't had time yet but will try and catch up this week

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    Have watched the first 3 episodes now and I'm loving Jessica's breakdowns
    and the Asian guy Karthik's outbursts!! Also that guy Paul looks very angry and could punch some one any moment!

    The tasks so far have been selling antiques,marketing Japanese Jeans which was a disaster for both teams
    and then making and selling sweets in Brighton, PM Oliver had to go as he was useless, he couldn't even ride that bike!
    Whose idea was it to make salt and vinegar flavour fudge?!

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