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Thread: The Apprentice

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    I need to catch up here a little.

    Week 3 saw the end of the girls and boys only teams.

    The task was for the new mixed sides to come up with a condiment.

    One group went for a tomato sauce and the other for a chutney sauce.

    The Tomato sauce gang made a hash in preparing it and also made mistake in the spelling of their product!

    They thought it was spelt Belisimo when it should be Bellisimo

    The chutney sauce mob did even worse and when they went to pitch their idea had no sample to take with them!

    The outcome was that Michael the one with the big ears from Barking in London was fired.

    Still have to watch last Wednesday's second hand shop task to see if they were any good at selling a load of junk.

    If anyone wants to fill us in on what happened please go for it!

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    have you caught up yet Hams?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    have you caught up yet Hams?
    Not had time yet Steely so a brief summary of last weeks show would be appreciated.

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    that bug eyed prick lucked out big time with that cringeworthy load of crap he put together. what annoyed me was that they were allowed to blatantly get away with making up costings and yet the task was won solely on money they made from the gyms, with zero deducted from the money they'd have to spend supplying all the gimmicky props.

    having said that, it was good to see that fat mug Ricky Martin lose. his Muay Thai sparring attempts were hilarious.

    also good to see the cameraman have a perv at that blonde bint grinding away for the video. top work there which i imagine Sugar set up deliberately, the old rogue.

    disappointed to see Duane go. thought he wasn't too bad and should have been given a chance. however, when you're up against a shitmouth like Ricky Martin it usually only ends one way on this show. i am still trying to figure out what the two bints in Ricky's sub team actually did. i never even realised what team they were in until they stepped into the board room. one of those two will be gone this week, i am sure of it.

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    i'd have sacked the Northern prick in a heartbeat. having said that, this episode probably ranked as the worst overall performance by both teams i think i've ever seen. remarkably bad all round.

    why is it that EVERY food task sees one team go down the Italian/Mediterranean route? it is so incredibly dull and predictable. i would sack the next PM to take that option on any given food task. it is even more lazy than the cliched union jack sh*t they always churn out to rip off tourists.

    trying to knock out that slop to Scottish football fans was another hilariously bad idea and when you couple that with the moronic decision to jump on board those buses to pressure sell shite to tourists there was only going to be one winner. how on earth can you think that trapping yourself on board a bus of around 40 people is better than being out in the open and attracting passers by? brainless.

    i'm starting to quite like that young fella. he talks quite a lot of sense but i can never remember their names until the end. i think he'll win. either way, a bloke will definitely win this year.

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    nah, not him. the one with the short hair.

    although it will probably be between those two - given the other berks involved.

    EDIT - Tom is the one i mean. he's a west ham boy as well. ,

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