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Thread: Nfl 2017

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    Nfl 2017

    The schedule is out my friends and neighbours, the schedule is out..

    New England have got a tough opener against Kansas and then we have the Superbowl rematch to look forward to on October 22nd.

    Can't. Feckin'. Wait.

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    We start off with a tough opener as well at Dallas. Having said that i beleive we were the only team to beat them there last year.

    We also have tough road games against Denver and Oakland.
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    I read somewhere recently that Dallas haven't had back to back double digit winning seasons since 95/96, and looking at their schedule, if the NFC East is returning to it's former glory, then it ain't happening again this year.

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    It all starts up again tommorow folks!.

    A lot of buzz around the Giants this year and i'm hoping we can make it Superbowl win number 5 for us - preferably against the Pats again!.

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    Giants are 0-3 - that was a quick season!

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    The Giants finally get a win! . 1-5 superbowl here we come!.

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    Dolphins trade Jay Ajayi to the Eagles well thats the Dolphins season over!

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