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    Good to see Hamilton on the Podium again this week ,also good to see Perez get his first podium finish he has looked like a new star so far this season after a good showing last year. This season is looking to be very unpredictable indeed after the almost routine week to week habit of vettle winning last year.

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    Alonso was brilliant, took full advantage of how his car was on the inters and made a big enough gap to take the pressure from Perez later in the race. Hamilton was odd again, great pace before the SC, but afterwards he was very plain. Still, a sensible drive and 15 points in the bag. Hope he can win one soon.

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    great race imo fairplay to alonso for winning it when nobody gave ferraris a chance...perez would of caught him though if his team didnt tell him to back off basically,he will be in a top team in a year or 2...nightmare race for button he pitted 5 times but glad to see hamilton get back to back podiums,in the next race id like to see hamilton start a bit further down the grid instead of pole take the pressure off him a bit and let him go for it...

    3 weeks until china though

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    Hamilton qualifying 2nd ,but had a 5 place deduction because McClaren had to change a gear box! he'll be trying to make his way from 7th place tomorrow and he has never won a race from less more than 4th place in his career.

    I will be doing my African rain dance for you Lewis ,you do the rest and bring it home son!

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    Another podium finish fir Hamilton Great race from Rosberg though well deserved. The race was close for the latter podium spots and hamilton fought his way through some goo drivers to get that spot.

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    Sunday April 15 Chinese Grand Prix Pos. Driver Time
    1 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1:36:26.929
    2 Jenson Button (McLaren) + + 20.626
    3 Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) + + 26.012

    Team Standings Team Pts
    1 McLaren 88
    2 Red Bull 64
    3 Ferrari 37

    Formula 1 Driver Standings Driver Team Pts
    1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren 45
    2 Jenson Button McLaren 43
    3 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 37

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    That was Nico Rosberg's first ever Grand Prix win and also I think a first victory for Mercedes for over 50 years!

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    Wow , Hamilton must be absolutely losing it after that performance by his pit crew. Button comes in and he;s out in less than 5 seconds ,Hamilton comes in right after 10 second pit stop , Button comes in for his second and 3 pit stop and is out in 4 seconds for both i think or close to them ,Hamilton comes in again for his second and he's in there fro about 12 seconds!
    Unbelievable! Not sure if Lewis would have caught Vettle today ,but they made sure they robbed him of a podium finish.
    Would love to be a fly on the wall of that little get together!

    So yet another different driver wins this F1 race for races four different winners ,and the cars in contention were different also.
    Who was that Lotus in 2nd and 3rd ? Crazy! Vettle won like the Vettle of last season runout in front form the start and couldn't be caught.

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    Sunday April 22 Bahrain Grand Prix Pos. Driver Time
    1 Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 1:35:10.990
    2 Kimi Räikkönen (Lotus) + + 3.333
    3 Romain Grosjean (Lotus) + + 10.194

    Team Standings Team Pts
    1 Red Bull 101
    2 McLaren 92
    3 Lotus 57

    Formula 1 Driver Standings Driver Team Pts
    1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 53
    2 Lewis Hamilton McLaren 49
    3 Mark Webber Red Bull 48

    It was a first win of the season for current world champion Sebastian Vettel at the controversial Bahrain grand prix.

    Should the race have gone ahead given the current protests?

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