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Thread: Threads dedicated to EURO 2012 and Brazil 2014

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    Threads dedicated to EURO 2012 and Brazil 2014

    If anything what would be a good idea is if we had threads dedicated to the EURO 2012 and Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup tournaments respectively, like what I mean is that we should have threads decidated to these tournaments that once these tournaments begin, we can comment on all the group games and or be able to have a chat feature on here where we can talk with other people here on the forum about group games as it relates to these 2 tournaments

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    Hi Terry

    We already have a section on the forum dedicated just for Euro 2012.

    Just before the tournament starts and every day there will be a topic made for each game so we can discuss all the matches.

    I think its a bit early yet to have a section just for Brazil 2014 but I do have some threads in International football
    for the qualifiers but as soon as this summers European Championship is over I'll open a new section just for the World Cup.

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