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Thread: The Arsene Wenger Thread

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    If motivation is not a problem at Arsens, then what happened in their last 4 games ?
    The most important games are to be played & Wenger has his team in a slump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerkings
    Quote Originally Posted by J-Axe
    Motivation is not the problem. Tactics are not the problem.

    Now you moaned when I claimed you can't be constructive and then your latest response is nothing but four smileys?

    This is just another example. When I spend 10mins or so replying to one of your fickle little points you fail to backup your biggest claims.

    You claim that Alex Song is "sh'te" and you want rid of him. That is probably the dumbest claim I've heard from an Arsenal fan in a long time. He's absolutely key to any good we do.

    I'd love to hear your constructive, educated post on where and how we lack tactically. As well as that, explain Wenger's role as motivator and what the Club requires of him before, during and after each performance in terms of motivation.

    I can't wait for your constructive, knowledgeable reply.

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    Song loses possession too often when the whole team is commited to an attack, his misplaced passes have resulted in opposition teams scoring on the break quite a bit this season and he clearly doesn't do his defensive duties enough at the moment - other than that he's been pretty good for us and had a few sparks of proper Arsenal style creativity, including a solid haul of assists.

    There have been games this season where he has looked world class but at other times he's been dreadful but I'd not single him out over anyone else really, we've failed as a unit more than anything.

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    The reason is obviously fatigue ,with a lighter squad it was bound to happen in a league as tough as this one has been. Song carrying a lion share of the work in the middle of the pitch box to box,he was bound to fall off in from. RVP also has been far from as clinical as he was earlier in the season. And need i mention the usually reliable Vermaelen who played more games for us than any other season i think.
    It's a pity we couldn't hold on a bit longer ,but this season couldn't end quick enough.

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    We loaned out Frimpong which was the problem - although he needed some dench time. Song was never rested once.

    And since Wilshere was being employed in the deeper role alongside him last season he started to be more adventurous in his midfield play, this season Arteta has stepped in and when they've played together they've been exceptional. Without Arteta though we've struggled and Song's less-disciplined approach can be a danger at times. I agree that he can over-elaborate too much on the ball in dangerous areas but his covering, possession play and the amount of match-winning passes more than makes up for any loose passes.

    Recently I was calling for him to be rested big time, especially before the Man City game. Fatigue had really crept into his game, as it did with RVP who went through a few games without really threatening or indeed scoring. But seeing as they're two of our most key players you simply cannot "rest" them. But then Song came to life again and had some monstrous games, he was absolutely immense against City and has had some exceptional games since. He didn't play well on Saturday, like most of the team but he did step up and provide another glorious chip through ball for the equalizer.

    He's a class player. Absolutely crucial to our first team. Classing him as "sh'te" and celebrating the idea of getting rid of him is ludicrous. M'Vila if signed would be employed alongside Song, not instead of him.

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    I don't think Song is shite and I wouldn't celebrate getting rid of him but I fully expect him to leave sooner or later, to somewhere like Real Madrid - I mean, just look at who his agent is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinc
    I don't think Song is shite and I wouldn't celebrate getting rid of him but I fully expect him to leave sooner or later, to somewhere like Real Madrid - I mean, just look at who his agent is.

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    Sorry, I could have sworn you were replying to my post above about Song...

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