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Thread: Scotland " leisure kits "

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    Scotland " leisure kits "


    Can someone please confirm that in the 80/90's Scotland brought out two leisure tops.
    They were the same top, one was pink and yellow, the other was purple and blue (I think)

    NONE of my friends of family can remember them.

    Does anyone have a picture ?


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    Makes me think of their away shirts in the 90's Ginger, around the time of the Scottish tartan kit - but I don't recall the leisure tops sorry.

    You should pop into the newcomers section and introduce yourself mate.

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    If its the one am thinking of it was like a diamond pattern with pink blue and yellow on it. Came out just before Italy '90 i think, a lot thought it was the third kit but was actually a leisure kit

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    Similar question was asked on footballshirtculture:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    that was a leisure shirt which was released before Italia '90.

    at that time, Umbro had a very active marketing policy. i remembered seeing teams (sponsored by Umbro) coming out with wallets, bags, holdalls, t-shirts, tracksuits, etc.

    the shirt you are talking about was commonly mistakenly described as a Scotland third shirt when in fact it is not.
    Couldn't find any images though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkyjinx
    Is this it?...

    That is the one i was talking about. A lot thought it was a 3rd kit but was actually a leisure kit

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    Thats it !


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