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Thread: Derby County Thread - 2012-2017 Seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knabby crackers View Post
    Tonight the Rams are darn sarf, its another Tuesday night game against the Bees of Brentford, Rowett has promised changes and I hope he is not just referring to the strip we will be wearing.

    I would hope that Winnall may feature as it has been rumoured that Vydra is still carrying an injury which could account for his below par performance against Brum. Wisdom and Forsyth could return on the right and left of the back four and there may be a starting berth for Ledley.

    Rumours abound regarding Johnny Russell who was omitted from the squad that played Brum for 'other reasons', he has been the subject of much criticism from the 'fans' and I must agree his displays have not been up to his normal standards but you can always guarantee that he will give 100% for however many minutes he is on the pitch.

    I hope that the Worm Worrier will not be in the starting line-up as the greatest effort he brings to the team is when he shrugs his shoulders when having one of his mardy tantrums.

    We live in hope. I'm going for a 1-2 win for the Rams.
    Bees 1-1 Rams [Ledley]

    Bennett, Ledley, Wisdom, Winnall and Forsyth all started for the Rams but in the 13th minute injury caused Bennett to go off to be replaced by Weimann.

    The Bees dominated in the possession stakes but it was the Rams who went ahead through Ledley in the 16th minute, they hung on creating few chances until the 86th minute when Watkins equalised for the Bees, once again a lack of concentration and inept defending let them down.

    On Saturday we visit the Daffodil Munchers who now top the Chumpionship table, if last night's performance is repeated we could be in for a severe tonking.

    Thank God for Cognac.

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    Daffodil Munchers 0-0 Rams

    I know, it is hard to believe but your eyes do not deceive you, the Rams kept a clean sheet.

    If I remember correctly the stats showed that the Daffodil Munchers had 3 shots on target and the Rams 2 with the Rams also edging the possession stakes 47-53, so you get the picture, two teams nullifying each other's efforts and both sets of strikers achieving very little. Johnson picked up another yellow card and he misses the game against the Red Scum from down at the other end of Brian Clough Way.

    Hopefully during the international break Rowett will paint the goalposts at the Moor Farm Training Complex in gaudy dayglow colours so that the squad will know where they are supposed to put the ball, perhaps he could also fit the players with some sort of electronic device so that if their concentration lapses or they pass to someone not on their team he can press a button to give them an electric shock, sadistic but definitely necessary for certain players.

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    The Rams were in Spain yesterday to play Real Union Cirun in the inaugural Steve Bloomer Trophy, Steve Bloomer was born in Cradley in 1874 and died in Derby in 1938, he had two spells at Derby [1892-1905 and 1910-1913] and was quite a prolific score [332 in 525 games] and was an England international.

    Later in his career he took over as the coach of Real Irun and is revered there just as much as he is in Derby and this trophy in his name was the idea of their board, we sent our U/23 side to play a side consisting of youth and first team squad players. The Rams triumphed with a 1-2 win over Real, the scorers were Alex Cover and Lewis Walker [son of Des Walker], so we are the first holders of the trophy, I understand that next year's game will be played at Pride Park.

    My grandfather was a friend of Steve Bloomer and as a young man I was enthralled by his tales of their friendship and the tight scrapes they got into even Steve and grandad Sam drinking before a match and Sam having to try and sober Steve up and get him to the Baseball Ground in time for the match.

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    1.15pm on Sunday the Rams face the Red Scum from the wrong end of Brian Clough Way [aka the A52], this is a must win game for DCFC and I'm keeping my fingers and legs crossed that Rowett doesn't make any stupid team changes such as starting with the Worm Worrier up front, Nugent, Vydra and Winnall must take preference so hopefully he will be sitting on the bench reading his Vermiculture for Beginners book.

    There is no news on any new injuries filtering through from Pride Park so hopefully we will have a full squad [minus Shackell] to select from and hopefully all of the squad will be in the right frame of mind to put the Treetards to the sword.

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    Rams 2-0 Red Scum

    Shottingham Police are checking the River Trent for bodies and all shops in the city have sold out of tissues.

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    The Wendies come to Pride Park on Saturday, I'm hoping we can get back to back home wins and stabilize our league position, some players are carrying knocks but there is no new information on likely absentees. Bradley Johnson has completed his suspension but I don't expect to see him in the starting XI, I think that Rowett will field the team that beat the Red Scum subject to them all being fit.

    Our U/23s beat top of the table Liverpool U/23s 2-0 at St George's Park with Max Lowe, Jamie Hanson and Charles Vernam returning after long-term injuries, great news for the lads and Charles topped his return off with one of the goals, if our Academy players can keep clear of injuries we have some very good prospects in the pipeline.

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    Apparently Keyhole has been getting attention in the [much too comfortable] treatment room but is expected to be fit for the Wendies encounter, I'm going for a 2-1 Rams win with Russell and Vydra scoring.

    Come on you RAMS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knabby crackers View Post
    Apparently Keyhole has been getting attention in the [much too comfortable] treatment room but is expected to be fit for the Wendies encounter, I'm going for a 2-1 Rams win with Russell and Vydra scoring.

    Come on you RAMS!!
    Rams 2-0 Wendies

    The Wendies were reduced to 10 men after 4 minutes when Loovens was red-carded for tripping Vydra in the box, however, it seemed that the Rams were the 10 man team the way the game went in the first half, things improved in the second period and if chances had been take we could easily have had 4 goals.

    Back to back home wins and up to 8th in the Chumpionship, off to Ooh-at Land next week to play Delia's Darlings, hopefully will have a word with some of our players about passing to a team-mate and not over complicating what is basically a simple game.

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    My forecast for today's game is ..............

    Delia's Darlings 1-2 Rams [Vydra and Nugent]

    ............ooh-ah, ooh-ah!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knabby crackers View Post
    My forecast for today's game is ..............

    Delia's Darlings 1-2 Rams [Vydra and Nugent]

    ............ooh-ah, ooh-ah!!

    Delia's Darlings 1-2 Rams [Nugent and Winnall]

    OK so I got one of the scorers wrong, I'm not perfect, almost but not quite!!

    On to Tuesday when we venture into Yarksher to, hopefully, stick it up the DYS.

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