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Thread: FIFA 13

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    FIFA 13

    For FIFA 13, if anything I would love for them to make the game more realistic and as well add in more choices for not only club teams but international teams as well and also having in there, a FIFA World Cup mode, a EURO Cup mode, and or a Champions League mode in there too

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    They can't have champions league mode as pro evolution has the rights to it..

    I just want them to sort out the disconnection problems a lot keep having on pro clubs and also make career mode much deeper and more realistic,apart from that the game is fine for me.

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    Yeah, career modes need to be more realistic. If you are competing on all fronts, you end up having 3 games in 3 days sometimes. Better than having 2 in 1 day though as they used to do!

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    I would lvoe them to incorporate a world cup and european championship into career mode it would be awesome...

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    Wasn't there an opportunity to be called up in be a pro in FIFA 09 or 10?

    I just remember my character taking Walcott's spot in England.

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    Yeah Pro Evo has the chance to be called up by your national team,but FIFA 12 doesn't have this..

    Carrer mode is getting better but it is still very unrealsitic in some cases...

    I started a career mode at Valencia and i was only rated 78 at the time,Valencia put me in the first team and sold Soldado so i was their main striker

    And in every career Man Utd always sell Vidic and Nani then replace Vidic with Jagielka,Modric always joins Man Utd and Sneidjer usually joins Real Madrid or man Utd for about 40m..

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    Yeh in that respect i agree.....Man united and arsenal always fall out of the top six in my game and it makes it a bit tedious...

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    Yeah, QPR are in 3rd on my save now with Cisse the top scorer

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    Exactly things like that get on my nerves....I dont know about anyone else but i have always played fifa even through their dark ages and would never touch pro...But i play on legendary and was three points clear of aston villa for the title and beat them with ease...

    Now what the hell are villa and sunderland doing in the top 4 with the others dropped out....Out of all the leagues the bundesliga seems to be the most realistic....

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    Yep definately hope the career mode is improved. 4 seasons in and Bolton have RVP and Higuain upfront with Torres on the bench. Also have Milos Krasic warming the bench.

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