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Thread: FIFA 13

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    FIFA 13 will again feature the Create A Club mode. Rangers fans and Portsmouth fans are said to be relieved at the good news.

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    I just hope the collision engine stays the same, it's hilarious ,

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    Have any of you guys been playing the new FIFA 13? - Is it any good?

    Apparently 4.5 million copies have been sold around the world!

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    A little harder to pass and score in general gameplay but i dont really notice any difference...

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    Been playing this for a couple of weeks and I quite like it.

    I think game play is better and I can't just chuck goals from 40 yards and beat the keeper anymore. Players actually move laterally better now, which is nice, and ball control has improved. I'm struggling with the crosses and timing out the strength.

    The little mini games are fun too.

    I think the best improvement is in the career mode. Players actually gain/lose form and the transfer market is a lot more realistic. You can do counter offers, tell them their roles, etc. Still a bit repetitive, but a step in the right direction.

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    I've won the league 4 times in a row with Chelsea. 2 league cups and one fa cup too. Semi finals or finals of champions league. It gets a bit repetitive, but I like the addition of not having player conditions, so you can keep playing the same team for many games and they don't need replacing unless there's an injury.

    The gameplay to me is excellent. Me and friends use 2nd and 3rd defender press quite a lot, so none of us gets time on the ball, which makes it more relaistic. The control and passing is harder, but not too hard.

    Love the addition of user defined controls where you can speed up the game, change the passing/crossing/shooting accuracy.

    Haven't done the be a pro yet, but remember it well from the previous installments.

    All of us love it. Despite the bad reviews it's been getting. think thats for the online side of the game.

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    Freekicks have changed. I'm getting used to it. Although, i just play Ultimate Team alot.

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    Are there any differences in a gameplay between 12 and 13? BTW would anyone like to challenge me in 12?

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    Did anyone try Fifa13 on the PC? Are they still using a different engine than the one for PS3/Xbox? I'd be willing to give it a go on the old box.

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    I apologize for the double post but I'd like to say that, at least on the PC, Fifa13 just rocks! I played it for a couple of hours yesterday and I can't put the gamepad down.

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