. I read somewhere that they were unbeaten in 21 games. True or false?

:d) True, with matchs versus Germany (2-1), Brasil (1-0), England (2-1), Serbia (2-0), Croatia (0-0), Bosnia (2-0/1-1)...

But since 3 matchs, the attack is better. Ribery has its level of Bayern. But the defense Mexes hasn't played enough, and Rami played too much..

Benzema can become best goaler because :
- Mario Gomez is bad in great matchs, Robin Van Persie has a difficult group, Cristiano Ronaldo isn't sure to play over 3 matchs, Wayne Rooney is banned, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in a little team.
- His group is good and he has an excellent technical relationship with Ribéry.