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Thread: Should the new Rangers be allowed into the SPL?

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    The SFL have voted that Rangers will start their new life in Division 3!

    Any comments on this huge news? - Have all the haters got what they wanted?

    R.I..P Scottish football.

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    Well done to the SFL clubs and standing firm on this and saying no.

    I saw Charles Green, reading out a statement saying that Rangers accept the decision I think like most Rangers fans he does not not want this to drag on and on and now wants to see an end to all the uncertainty so Rangers can start planning for the new season.

    As for Doncaster and Reagen have been an idiot right from the start they have held a gun to the heads of all the SPL and SFL clubs with wild claims of financial and social armageddan if Rangers are not in the SPL or division 1 the talk of SPL clubs losing out on the tv money is also a farce as the majority of that money goes to Celtic and Rangers anyway so the other SPL clubs really are not going to be that much worse off if a new tv deal is done.

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    Interesting times for Scottish football, lets be honest more interesting than what goes on during the league campaign very often. I don't think for a minute it is the end of professional football in Scotland, Rangers will no doubt get themselves back to the SPL in a few years and normal service will be resumed. Big names in English football have gone down over the years, but it hasn't meant 'armageddon' south of the border, nor will it in Scotland. Good luck to Dundee FC who replace Rangers in the SPL.
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    I think this does indicate further decline for Scottish football.

    Celtic will have to adapt to the times and the quality in the SPL will get less and less......

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