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Thread: My Season Of Betting.

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    My Season Of Betting.

    Over here I will be posting my bets that I will be doing every week. I bet every week on premier league and championship and etc. I would like every one that bets to post their bets here and give small tips to each other. Also at the end of each week I would like people to post what their loss or profit was. Then add that all up for a year and see how much you gained or lost for a whole year.

    Thanks for all those who is going to participate from now. Also just i'll be betting on West Ham to win every match they play this season. So don't say something like "what a stupid bet" when they play City at the Etihad.

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    I like to bet too when im not too broke :P Im not sure but there is a topic of football betting. Anyway I do hope I get to bet and that we see some exchanges and bets talk on here when the season starts

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