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Thread: RFPL_Russian Football Premier League - 2012/13

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    2 TOUR (28/07/2012)

    .......(Sankt-Peterburg).......Zenit -2 - 0-Dinamo.......(Moskva).......

    1-0 10' Kerzhakov (Zenit)
    2-0 71' Criscito (Zenit)

    Sankt-Peterburg, stadium "Petrovsky"

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    2 TOUR (28/07/2012)

    .......(Permí).......Amkar -3 - 1-CSKA.......(Moskva).......

    1-0 6' Burmistrov (Amkar)
    1-1 13' Honda (CSKA)
    2-1 19' Rebko (Amkar)
    3-1 41' Rebko (Amkar)

    Perm', stadium "Zvezda"

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    2 TOUR (28/07/2012)

    .......(Moskva).......Lokomotiv - 2 - 0 -Krilya Sovetov.......(Samara).......

    1-0 32' Pavluchenko (Lokomotiv)
    2-0 67' Caicedo (Lokomotiv)

    Moskva, stadium "Lokomotiv"

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    2 TOUR (29/07/2012)

    .......(Kazaní).......Rubin -3 - 1-Alania.......(Vladikavkaz).......

    1-0 18' Natcho (P) (Rubin)
    2-0 48' Natcho (Rubin)
    2-1 79' Neco (P) (Alania)
    3-1 90+3' Dyadun (Rubin)

    Kazan', stadium "Centralny"

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    2 TOUR (29/07/2012)

    .......(Moskva).......Spartak -2 - 1-Volga.......(Nizhny Novgorod).......

    0-1 33' Sapogov (Volga)
    1-1 69' McGeady (Spartak)
    2-1 90+1' D.Kombarov (P) (Spartak)

    Moskva, stadium "Luzhniki"

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    2 TOUR (29/07/2012)

    .......(Rostov-on-Don).......Rostov -2 - 2-Anzhi.......(Makhachkala).......

    0-1 49' Tagirbekov (Anzhi)
    1-1 75' Kirichenko (P) (Rostov)
    2-1 88' Holenda (Rostov)
    2-2 90+5' Tagirbekov (Anzhi)

    Rostov-on-Don, stadium "Olymp-II"

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    2 TOUR (30/07/2012)

    .......(Grozny).......Terek -1 - 0-Krasnodar.......(Krasnodar).......

    0-1 18' Ivanov (Terek)

    Grozny, stadium "Akhmad-Arena"

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    3 TOUR

    Mordovia - Rostov

    CSKA - Zenit
    Alania - Terek
    Krasnodar - Lokomotiv

    Krilya Sovetov - Kuban'
    Anzhi - Amkar
    Dinamo - Spartak

    Volga - Rubin

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    RFPL 2012/2013: CSKA (Moskva)

    City: Moskva
    The historic capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Russian Empire, Russian Empire (1728-1730 years), Soviet Russia and the USSR. Hero City. In Moscow, there are federal authorities of the Russian Federation (with the exception of the Constitutional Court), local governments, foreign embassies, the headquarters of most major Russian commercial organizations and public associations. Foreign Policy magazine puts Moscow in 2010 at the 25th global city, making a significant contribution to world civilization.



    Located on the Moskva River in the heart of the East European Plain, between the Oka and Volga, approximately the same latitude as the cities of: Tynda, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen, Glasgow.

    Team: CSKA

    One of the oldest and most renowned clubs in the post-Soviet Russian history and even of the Soviet football.

    The history of football club CSKA began in 1911 when the Society of Lovers of skiing (SLS (OLLS, rus.) was organized by the football section. On the basis of the football section was formed three teams that are in the same year the first time took part in the Moscow championship in the class "B". 14 (27) in August 1911 was played the first official match of the team OLLS with the club "Vega". The match ended in victory for football OLLS 6-2.

    After a season in 1917 of the second team went in the first OLLS. In the 1921 championship in the fall of Moscow (Fulda Cup) champion was determined in a "golden match", which was attended by teams OLLS and CFS. CFS team won 6-0. In the 1922 season, the players won the Spring Championship OLLS Moscow and took second place in the autumn. In the same year OLLS won the "Cup of CFS - Kolomyagy," in which the final regulations to meet the winners of the first and second league championship in Moscow, and "The Cup of Capitals", which champions met in Moscow and Petrograd.
    Season 1922 was the last in which the team played under the name OLLS.

    February 23, 1928, on the tenth anniversary of the Red Army, was opened in Moscow Central House of the Red Army to them. Frunze, which was organized by the athletic department. In the same year all the sports OPPV forces transferred to the Central House of the Red Army. In fact, the primacy of the capital clubs played out between 6 "Trekhgorka," "Dynamo," CDKA "Pishevik" RKimA and CDF. CDKA was considered one of the favorites, but eventually shared only 4-6th place. Nevertheless, the army team were quite successful in the long-distance and international meetings. For example, with the best team of Azerbaijan - "Progress" - played in Baku from Moscow and won 5-1, tied 2-2 with the working of the Finnish team that competed in the Sports Day in Moscow, and the following year defeated the team of Kiev (3 2) and the Kiev garrison team (4-1).
    In autumn 1935 CDKA Moscow won the championship. True, the "Dynamo" and "Spartacus" were weakened in the formulations: the best players were at the disposal of the USSR national team.

    In 1936, the first held the championship of the USSR national football team. CDKA performed in a class "A", together with the capital "Dynamo," "Spartacus" and "Locomotive," Leningrad "Dynamo" and "Red Dawn" and Kiev "Dynamo". His first match in the championship CSKA won the "Red Dawn" with a score of 6-2, this victory was the first major championship win in the history of the Soviet Union. May 29, 1936 army team won, 3-0, their first victory in the national championship over his principal rival - Moscow "Spartak". However, further performances of soldiers began to take shape is not so well, and eventually graduated from the CDKA Spring Championships at the 4th place.
    Soviet history of the club is vast. We have not yet come back to it.

    In Russian history the club several times won the Russian championship and the Cup of Russia. In 2005 the club won the UEFA Cup.

    USSR Championships: 7
    Winner: 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1970, 1991
    USSR Cup: 5
    Winner: 1945, 1948, 1951, 1955, 1991
    The prize committee of the All-Union: 1
    Winner: 1952.
    Russian Football Championships: 3
    Winner: 2003, 2005, 2006.
    Cup of Russia: 6
    Winner: 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011.
    Russian SuperCup: 4
    Winner: 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009.
    UEFA Cup: 1
    Winner: 2004/2005.

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